Situated within the sumptuous confines of the Vichy Célestins in Bouznika, Morocco, the Timelapse Festival emerges as an experience where the ordinary rules of time cease to exist. It is a realm where the hands of the clock are gently untethered, and where moments stretch into infinity, painted with the vibrant hues of mesmerizing soundscapes and unforgettable encounters.

Journey with us through the grand halls and sweeping grounds of this luxurious hotel, past timeless architectural masterpieces, beside the echoing remnants of stories untold. As we venture further into the heart of the festival, the drone of the everyday world slowly dissolves into the rhythm of music.

Prepare to encounter a stunning constellation of personalities, a celestial gathering of over 55 artists, the brightest stars of the electronic music cosmos, along with an electrifying swarm of emerging local talents. Dance to the harmonious symphony of unparalleled beats, indulge in a culinary adventure that teases your taste buds with its exotic flavors, and find camaraderie amongst fellow time travelers, each bearing their unique stories, waiting to be interwoven with yours.

And when the hour comes to return to the mundane, we will all carry with us a shared secret...

Those who remain on the outside will never fully comprehend...

Due to the intimately curated nature of the festival, early reservations are strongly recommended.